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'FREE' Basketball Scoreboard

While involved with the sponsorship of local basketball it became clear to us that many clubs could not afford the relative luxury of an electronic scoreboard.

In order to help with the development of the clubs at a local level we developed the VBS (Virtual Basketball Scoreboard).

It has proved to be a great success and a huge money saver.

Many clubs have access to a laptop and flat screen monitors are dropping in price all the time.
Zen Basketball is now proud to present our Virtual Basketball Scoreboard to everyone.

As you can see this application replicates a normal scoreboard
with all the controls you need;

• Timer (Set from 1 to 20 minutes).
• Home & Away Scores (Max score 199).
• Home & Away Team Fouls.
• Period Indicator.
• Possession Arrow.
• Timeout Clock.
• Signal Buzzer.

You have complete control over every aspect of the scoreboard.

Operate the timer with one hand on the spacebar while
controlling the scores etc with a mouse / tracker pad.

Increase / Correct the Minutes, Seconds & Scores as needed.

Signal the referees with the buzzer for timeouts and substitutions.





Right click and
'Save Target As..'
Ctrl Click and
'Download linked file as...'
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